Our Motivation

We bring a breadth of professional development and are one of the first 100 designated Teaching Schools, with partner schools in our alliance stretching from our own schools in Nottinghamshire to Cramlington Learning Village in Northumberland.

OGAT has developed the Outwood Grange Transformation Model of school improvement which has evolved from the work which originally took place at Outwood Grange, enabling the school to move from the bottom 10% of schools in the country to the top 10% culminating in an outstanding Ofsted. The Outwood Grange Transformation Model is comprised of the following areas: Leadership with Vision & Efficacy, Quality in the Classroom, Curriculum Design, Monitoring & Intervention, Systems & Policies, Targeted Professional Development and Praise Culture for staff and students.

The impact of our knowledge, experience and DNA was recognised by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector in her annual report, when she cited one of our schools that moved directly from Special Measures to Good after 18 months of intervention with an increase of 36% 5+ A*-C.

As an organisation we build capacity in advance of need; this enables us to provide support to other schools at very short notice. Through our leadership model we successfully develop leaders at all levels who are then able to take on whole school/academy responsibilities or to be deployed across our Family of Schools. Our Directors of subjects (Maths, English, Science, Performing Arts, Curriculum design, Primary NLE) bring outstanding leadership, working across all our schools in the Family and contributing extensively to school improvement. We have 61 SLEs for deployment in the Alliance and of these, 26 SLEs from the Outwood Trust.

We have a diverse range of partners, including primary and secondary schools, academies, universities, hospital and special schools, as well as strong links with organisations such as the National College, SSAT and DfE. Professional development is a major strength of our organisation and we provide training for Executive Heads, New Headteachers, Aspiring Heads, Experienced Leaders and Developing Young Leaders in addition to a plethora of training for support staff and other educational colleagues at different stages of their careers.

We pride ourselves in meeting the needs of all children in our care, including those who are most vulnerable or challenging. These groups of students are a major priority and we work closely with parents/carers in helping to raise their children’s self-esteem and subsequent achievement and attainment. We are highly successful in introducing alternative curriculum models that are targeted at the children who are predicted to get few or no GCSEs, or in danger of not achieving an A*-C grade in English and Maths.

We would never do anything that would be detrimental to any child, staff or school in a neighbouring community. More importantly, we care as much about the results and outcomes of children in other schools as we do our first academy. In order to affect a sustainable transformation for the community we would wish to work with other local education providers and in particular the Primary Schools as these are critical to the long term future of an area. We are serious about the part we have to play in regenerating the area by placing an outstanding school at the heart of the community.